Bulldog Photo Op – Why Wasn’t It Me? – Conversations with Stella

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, hereby decree that there shall be no more cute photos of Wiggles, who happens to be one of my bulldog subjects, by the way. Why is she getting all the attention?

Me:        Now take it easy, Stella. No one was ignoring you. It’s just that Wiggles found the “window” in the fence and was checking out life on the other side.

Stella:    Well, she looked ridiculous. You should have taken a picture of the other side if you know what I mean. A bulldog’s rear end wiggling but no head visible. Weird.

Me:        She enjoyed seeing what I was up to, though to be honest, there is no way I can make taking out the trash interesting.

Stella:    You see what I mean about Wiggles? She gets all excited about nothing and you all take pictures of her and call her ‘the sweetest dog ever’. Yuck! Sickly sweet! How much more sugar can you put on that?

Me:        Are you jealous?

Stella:    Jealous? Of Wiggles? Sweetest Dog Ever Wiggles who jumps up whenever you speak to her and shapes herself like a half-moon and dances that silly sidestep you call the ‘comma dance’? Hey, my Stella Step is a whole lot more complicated and I don’t see you whipping out your camera for that.

Me:        Sorry. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. You have never much liked it when I start taking pictures of you.

Stella:    And another thing. How smart is it to put you head through a hole in a fence? What if your head gets stuck? That’s a typical Wiggles sort of thing to do. You won’t catch me putting my head in a hole anywhere. Have you ever seen me stick my head through a hole?

Me:        Honestly, now that you mention it, no. Only Wiggles. And Doodlebug.  If Doodlebug can’t find a hole, he’ll make one. In fact, he made that hole in the fence.

Stella:    Exactly. They don’t know what the smart thing is to do with their heads so they do something absurd like stick them through a hole. I guess that’s what gets the photo attention. ‘Oh, look at me. I’m so brilliant. I can stick my head through a hole.’

Me:        I tell you what. I will take some new pictures of you…if you will cooperate.

Stella:    Cooperate? Mmmm…on second thought, that is way too high a price to pay.



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Debate! Bulldog Style! – Conversations with Stella

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, hereby command all humans to BE SILENT!

Me:        What is this about?

Stella:    Who were those loud people that Tall Man was listening to last night?

Me:        Loud people?

Stella:    They talked and talked, on and on and on. It sounded like an argument. A boring human argument that went on and on and on…

Me:        Oh, that was a debate between political candidates.

Stella:    You didn’t listen to it.

Me:        No, I was tired and a political debate was only going to make me more so.

Stella:    Political debate? What is ‘political debate’?

Me:        You know how you and the other bulldogs get face-to-face and huff and puff and rumble and growl at each other…

Stella:    …and spit and go stiff-legged and tremble. Yes. Fun! Exciting!

Me:        Especially when two of you are vying for a position in the pack.

Stella:    You mean those two humans are fighting to become pack leader?

Me:        Yeah, you might say so.

Stella:    I did say so. I didn’t know that humans chose pack leaders that way, too.

Me:        Well, humans don’t bare their teeth and snort the way bulldogs do. No, wait. I take that back.

Stella:    Humans snort? That’s great! Show me!

Me:        I’m not big into snorting.

Stella:    Then you may never be pack leader among the humans. That is a shame.

Me:        Having spent some time now as human pack leader among the bulldogs, I’m not sure I have enough energy left over to handle humans, too.

Stella:    Will there be more political debates?

Me:        So I understand.

Stella:    Can Tall Man turn down the sound next time? The noise hurts my ears.



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Queen Stella’s Dictionary for Bulldogs – Part 2 – Stella’s Blog

I am Stella, Queen and Dictionarist for the Olde English Bulldogges. (How many words am I supposed to put in my dictionary?)

(Transcriptionist: That is up to you, but the more the better.)

Stella: Uh-oh. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But I am a bulldog. I can handle a big mouthful, given enough time.

The Humans Say:


The Bulldog Definition:

Put your rear end on the ground unless you don’t want to, in which case, stand or lie down as you wish. “Sit” is one of those words by which the humans mean, “Stay in place. I am in control.” Of course, we all know that they are not in control. We are bulldogs.


The Humans Say:


The Bulldog Definition:

Move! Run! Roll around! Take a walk! Whatever you do, do not stay still! This human command is vague at best. Stay? For how long? What if it starts to rain? What if it starts to snow?

(Even in Texas, that is a possibility.)


The Humans Say:


The Bulldog Definition:

Stop what? Immediately examine what you are doing. Humans use this command when you have something in your mouth or when you are standing on top of furniture or if you are using the toilet in the house. They are very sensitive about what we eat, where we stand, and where we use the bathroom.

(I don’t really understand why.)


The Humans Say:

Drop it!

The Bulldog Definition:

Stop and think. What do you have in your mouth? Even if you think you have a right to what is in your mouth, go ahead and drop it.

(It may have sentimental value to the humans. Or it may taste great but be bad for you. The humans are good about trying to save us from our desire to eat everything.)

 That is all for now, bulldogs. Thank you for your divided attention. (I know that you were thinking about what you are going to eat next.)


Queen Stella


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Queen Stella’s Dictionary for Bulldogs – Part 1 – Stella’s Blog

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, am hereby starting a Dictionary for Bulldogs that will help all bully breeds better to understand humans who, as we  know, are not clear in their instructions and who say silly things. My royal remarks are included in what my transcriptionist refers to as italics.

I will begin with a few common words and phrases that humans like to use almost every day:


 Come!                                             Stay where you are. Humans are always confused.

(For example, does the human mean come to where they are or come into the room where they are or come to a new place where they are going? What?)               


Come now!                                     Stay where you are. The human has specified a time but                                                              not a place.    


Come here now!                           Stay where you are. Clearer as to time and place, but                                                                      remember! You are a bulldog.


Come here now! (With treat in hand)     Move immediately to the human and receive                                                                                    the offered treat.

 (The human should have started with this instruction.)   


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.                         Stay where you are and stare.

(Humans talk a lot and expect dogs to listen as though we are human and understand everything that they are saying. Show respect by staring. The talking will eventually end and you may get a treat.)


BLAH! BLAH BLAH! BLAH!                            Stay where you are, stare, and perk your ears                                                                                    up. The human MAY be about to say something                                                                                important. But maybe not.


Go!                                                                        Stay where you are and stare at the human.                                                                                        Look as puzzled as possible even if you think                                                                                    you know what the human wants. “Go!” is not                                                                                a direction.

(Humans believe that we can read their minds. As helpful as that would be, it is not true.)

 Go there!                                                            Stay where you are, stare at the human, and                                                                                     check for a pointing finger or hand gesture. If                                                                                 there is, then and only then, look in the                                                                                             direction the human is pointing to let them                                                                                       know that you are considering going in that                                                                                     direction.

 Go now!                                                              Stay where you are, stare, and check for a                                                                                           direction. The “Now” command means the                                                                                       human expects an immediate response.                                                                                             Slowly move in that direction, remembering                                                                                     that you are a bulldog.

(The problem with “Go” is that they never tell you how far to go. Stop when you reach a fence.)

This concludes my dictionary list for now. Thank you for paying attention, bulldogs.

I know how hard that is for you to do.



Queen Stella of the Olde English Bulldogges





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Do You Hear What I Hear? – Conversations with Stella

Stella:    Help! Weirdnesses have grown over Lady Human’s ears! Her ears are swollen so big. The weird things are consuming her head! If any humans can hear me, please help!

Me:        It’s all right, Stella! These are headphones, not weirdnesses, whatever those are. They help me hear when everything conspires against me. Namely, barking bulldogs.

Stella:    Why were you wearing them? They are not attractive. That is not an insult. That is a fact.

Me:        Thank you for your bulldog bluntness. I was listening to a seminar by Michael Hyatt about productivity and focus. Despite his suggestions, my productivity and focus were sorely disrupted by the barking of a pack of bulldogs.

Stella:    Your headphones did not protect you from our barking? We are more powerful than I thought we were. Excellent!

Me:        No, not excellent. Loud and distracting! What was the barking about?

Stella:    I don’t know. No one was speaking clearly. It sounded to me like Ruff! Ruff! Food! Ruff! Treats! Ruff! Ruff! Fun! You know. The usual stuff.

Me:        Sadly, I don’t know. I’ll have to take your word for it.

Stella:    I would not lie to you, Lady Human, not on purpose anyway.

Me:        When you see my headphones on my head, can you all try to keep the noise to a minimum.

Stella:    We will try. Now just how loud is a minimum?



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Stink Eye 2.0 – Conversations with Stella

I received the infamous Stink Eye from Snoopey today.

Stella:    As an Olde English Bulldogge myself, I greatly appreciate Snoopey’s skill at delivering the Stink Eye. She is an artist.

Me:        Well, I don’t find it to be a work of art.

Stella:    Why did she shoot the Stink Eye at you? Did you cave in to it? Did you show weakness?

Me:        No, I did not cave or show weakness. What kind of human would I be if I did? She objected to me letting you out for a sunbath before I let her out.

Stella:    What? Queen Stella comes first. How dare she?

Me:        She did not appreciate it. She gave me a sidelong, extended Stink Eye, bulldog-style. Now I understand that she is the pack leader among the dogs and I respect that.

Stella:    Yes, every day you open her crate first and she gets first pick on treats. I don’t like it, but I tolerate it.

Me:        So how is it that Snoopey is pack leader and you are the Queen?

Stella:    The Queen is royal and regal and dignified. That’s me all over.  The pack leader defends, watches, warns, balances. That is Snoopey all over. I admire her. But she has no right to sunbathe before me! No! No! No!

Me:        I’ll try to balance your competing interests.

Stella:    No competition. I win. I am the Queen. A queen without a crown…hint, hint.

Me:        I still haven’t found a suitable one. I could make you one out of…

Stella:    Don’t say cardboard. Nope. Real crown.

Me:        What about plast…

Stella:    Nope. No plastic.

Me:        You stopped me too soon. What about plaster?

Stella:    Plaster. Hmmm. Nope. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds cheap. My crown should be expensive.

Me:        I’ll keep working on it.

Stella:    Work harder! Work faster!

Me:        Or what?

Stella:    Oh, I think you know. If you don’t, go ask Snoopey Stink Eye.



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You’re All Wet! – Conversations with Stella


Me:        Is that what that noise was? I thought you were choking on something. What a relief!

Stella:    Silence, peasant!

Me:        Excuse me?

Stella:    You are excused.

Me:        Stella, remember? “No rude, no crude, no bulldog mood.”

Stella:    Yes, I remember. Sounds like something a human would say.

Me:        It is.

Stella:    You are all wet. You are dripping on the floor. How come?

Me:        Miss Sweetie and I had a difference of opinion about whether or not she would take a bath. I won. And I lost.

Stella:    Hahaha! Well, she does smell better. So I think we all won. But you are still all wet.

Me:        I’ll dry out. One of the great things about being human is our ability to change clothes. One of the great things about wrestling Miss Sweetie over a bath is that I get a wonderful physical workout. 70 pounds of bulldog pulling this way and that makes me work for my victory.

Stella:    Any day Miss Sweetie smells good is a victory for all of us. Congratulations!

Me:        That reminds me. You are about due for a bath yourself.

Stella:    Whaaagggttt? Naw. It wasn’t that long ago. You are all wet.

Me:        So if I dry out and give you a bath, you are saying that I will be all wet again?

Stella:    Well, not on purpose. But yes, on purpose. Have you seen my shake and roll?

Me:        Uh-huh.

Stella:    I can sling it. Yeah, I can. Do you doubt it?

Me:        Nope.

Stella:    I am going to get a bath, am I not?

Me:        Yep. And that’s not a bad thing, my friend.

Stella:    It’s all right in the aftermath. Or afterbath.



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…But You Said! – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, but that does not seem to make any difference. The humans pay no attention. They make promises that they don’t keep.

Me:        What promises have we not kept?

Stella:    You said we would spend more time together outside. You said we would cook meat on the fire pit and the air would be cool and we would sit in chairs.

Me:        Well, I said I would sit in a chair, but I know how much you all like to sit in chairs like humans.

Stella:    But we have not done it. Why? Why? Why?

Me:        Because, because, because it is still too hot for you all to be outside for long.

Stella:    What did you do with the cooler air?

Me:        Nothing. It just hasn’t shown up yet.

Stella:    But you promised. Waaahhh.

Me:        Stella, why are you whining? You don’t even like the outside that much.

Stella:    The others are whining and that makes me whine. I get tired of hearing it. When are we going to cook out? When is the cool breeze going to blow? When are the leaves going to fall on our heads? It’s not easy being the bulldog queen.

Me:        It’s not easy being the human in charge either.

Stella:    But you said…

Me:        I said what the meteorologists said.

Stella:    The meteor – who?

Me:        Weather people.

Stella:    Why did the meteor-who people lie?

Me:        They did not lie.

Stella:    But they said something that was not true.

Me:        They made an educated guess based on what they knew. They simply didn’t know it all.

Stella:    So what did they do with the cooler air?

Me:        They don’t control the air. They track it.

Stella:    Like those dogs who have really good noses.

Me:        Yes, if those dogs used computers and satellites instead of their sense of smell. Meteorologists have a notoriously hard time predicting weather in Texas, except in the summer when they can say “hot” and pretty much be right all the time.

Stella:    I will not depend on the word of the meteor-who people anymore so do not quote them again. I will use my bulldog nose to track the air just as any queen should.

Me:        Well, good luck with that.

Stella:    Wait! What? I think I smell a change in the weather.

Me:        What does your nose say?

Stella:    Hot and still hotter.

Me:        Keep sniffing. One of these days soon, we will not be having hot dogs outside.



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Stop Trying to Lead Yourself – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, and I can’t stop laughing.

Me:        That probably means that you are laughing at one of us. Bulldog or human?

Stella:    Both. It was hilarious. You had Miss Sweetie on the lead and all of a sudden she jerked it out of your hand and picked up the end you had been holding and she had it in her mouth while she was still wearing it and SHE STARTED LEADING HERSELF WITH IT! So funny. You should have seen the look on your face.

Me:        I’m kind of glad that I didn’t.

Stella:    Miss Sweetie is so funny! Taking herself for a walk! It’s good that we were not outside.

Me:        She would not have gotten far. Did you notice that she was going around in circles?

Stella:    Yes, Wiggles dances in circles. Now Miss Sweetie leads herself around in circles, going nowhere fast.

Me:        They lacked a plan. And boy, am I glad of that.

Stella:    I don’t like the lead.

Me:        Most don’t.

Stella:    Even humans?

Me:        Especially humans.

Stella:    Because you think you are all that and a bag of doggy treats?

Me:        Yep. It’s called pride and we are really good at it.

Stella:    You are proud of pride.

Me:        No, I’m ashamed of it. It’s like me trying to lead myself and just going in circles.

Stella:    So you and Miss Sweetie have a lot in common.

Me:        Well, I hope I smell a little bit better.

“Lead me in Thy truth, and teach me: for Thou art the God of my salvation; on Thee do I wait all the day.” Psalm 25:5 KJV



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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs’ Tails – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge’s Queen. I am demanding an answer from Lady Human.

Me:        Yes, you are demanding.

Stella:    Is that a human insult?

Me:        No, it is a human observation.

Stella:    Well, I have a bulldog observation. Humans say frightening things.

Me:        Like what?

Stella:    I heard young humans saying it:

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and PUPPY DOGS’ TAILS

Human boys are made of the tails of puppies!

Me:        Now, Stella…

Stella:    Don’t you Stella me! The young humans were playing a game and they said it over and over. So that is how you humans get more boys. You take the tails of innocent puppies. It makes me cry.

Me:        Stella, it is a children’s silly rhyme from almost two hundred years ago. Children like rhymes. So do I. They are rhythmic and easy to remember and fun and they don’t usually mean what they say. Human boys are NOT, I REPEAT, NOT made from puppy dogs’ tails. They come from humans just as puppies come from dogs.

Stella:    Eeewww! Nasty!

Me:        Not Eeewww Nasty. It’s the way the Great Creator designed things and He certainly did not design Eeewww Nasty and He did not design human boys to come from puppy tails.

Stella:    The young humans said that little girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Me:        Don’t get your hopes up. That is no truer than the rhyme about little boys.

Stella:    Awww. It sounded delicious.

Me:        Stella!

Stella:    Not that I would ever eat little girls, Lady Human. I simply would have enjoyed sitting nearby and sniffing them. Sugar. Spice. Everything nice. Oh well…Now if you will just explain what “snips” are.



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Scary Smart – Conversations with Stella

I am here once again with Queen Stella of the Olde English Bulldogges…

Stella:    I like that! It makes me sound official.

Me:        In Bulldog Land, you are as official as it gets.

Stella:    Why were you wearing your weird face?

Me:        I beg your pardon? I don’t have a weird face to wear.

Stella:    Yes, you do. It shows up whenever one of us has done something that you can’t figure out with your human brain.

Me:        I wasn’t aware…well, I have been surprised by some of Doodlebug’s and Miss Sweetie’s antics lately.

Stella:    Antics are like when they burp or jump up on chairs or stand on tables like they are going to give a speech?

Me:        No, those are normal bulldog activities. I mean the scary smart stuff like, well, here’s a list:

Doodlebug opened the back door again by turning the handle,

Miss Sweetie uses her mouth to try to turn on things like faucets,

Doodlebug does a quick gymnastic neck duck to get out of the lead when it’s loose,

Doodlebug puts any stick he is chewing on down in a special place when he comes                   in because he knows that I am going to take it away from him,

Doodlebug knows how to slide the latch to open his crate

They both know how to reach in and steal eggs from the chickens,

Doodlebug knows when breakfast time is within ten minutes either way…

Stella:    It sounds like Doodlebug is the smart one and Miss Sweetie has just made a couple of lucky guesses. Why is it scary smart?

Me:        Because we don’t expect dogs to figure out how to do some of the complicated stuff that we do.

Stella:    Because you think we are dumb.

Me:        Not dumb. Just dogs.

Stella:    Just dogs! Just dogs! I knew it! Humans think they are all that and a bag of doggy treats, too! Hmmph! Watch as I turn my head away in disgust! You humans think that you control everything!

Me:        Well, not everything, but things like door handles and faucets, yes.

Stella:    You just wait. One day we will send a dog to the moon so he can pee on it and return safely to Earth.

Me:        Oh, great. A dog peeing on the moon, too. And who is going to build this dog spaceship?

Stella:    Well, never mind. You just guard your faucets and door handles. And the washing machine.


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Why Is My Food Always Brown? – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, and I am bringing a complaint to the management of this hotel.

Me:        Hotel?

Stella:    All of my food is brown all the time. It is boring. You have different colors of food on your plate. I want some of that.

Me:        Stella, you eat a very healthy diet that is great for bulldogs. I never see you turning your nose up at it.

Stella:    And I never will. I just want your pretty food, too.

Me:        Well, maybe I am not inclined to share my food with you.

Stella:    I am willing to trade.

Me:        Honestly, Stella, I don’t see myself eating your dogfood. It is a little…unappetizing for a human.

Stella:    Unappetizing. Is that another word for brown?

Me:        No, it means your food was not made for humans and is not attractive to us.

Stella:    What? Why not? It smells good. It tastes good. It is just boring to look at. Wait! Is something wrong with it?

Me:        No, not for bulldogs.

Stella:    That is what I thought. Bulldogs are not being treated like honored guests at this hotel!

Me:        Stella, this is not a hotel. This is our home.

Stella:    I saw hotels on the Picture Box. Don’t you bring us room service?

Me:        Well…sort of. We serve you food.

Stella:    So this is a hotel. I am giving it one star.

Me:        At least a bad rating would insure that we would have no visitors, if this were a hotel which it is not.

Stella:    Exactly. We don’t need no visitors taking our rooms and eating our brown food. If you work on getting us some red and yellow and green food, maybe I can give you another star.

Me:        That would just attract strangers and you don’t want that, remember?

Stella:    Oh, yeah. Better leave it at one star.


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Raccoon Crossing – Conversations with Stella

Last night, we opened the front door while waiting for UPS to show up with a very important package and were privileged to see a pretty good-sized raccoon traversing our porch. It did not slow down, look in our direction, or hesitate. But this has raised some questions in Stella’s mind.

Stella:  Why was that cat with the striped tail on our porch?

Me:      That was a raccoon.

Stella:  Okay, why was that raccoon cat on our porch and wearing a black mask? Is it a criminal? It looked like a bank robber in one of those old Picture Box shows.

Me:      No, it was not a cat and it was not a criminal. It was a raccoon and all raccoons have masks and striped tails.

Stella:  It moved like a cat, a sneaky, sneaky cat.

Me:      It was likely looking for food. It probably stops by just about every night, but we are not usually looking out the front door at that time of night so we never see it.

Stella:  That’s creepy. Let’s put a sign out telling her to stay away.

Me:      That won’t work. Raccoons don’t read signs. It probably lives down by the creek and we are part of its hunting grounds.

Stella:  Hunting? Hunting our food?

Me:      No, your food is all inside.

Stella:  What if it comes inside hunting our food? NO!!!

Me:      It can’t get inside the house.

Stella:  We need to set a guard. Snoopey is good at that sort of thing. I appoint her.

Me:      You appoint?

Stella: I am the Queen.

Me:      I am the human.

Stella:  You can’t mean in. You want raccoons to take over our house.

Me:      No, raccoons will not take over the house. I am still the human, remember. This is not a raccoon house.

Stella:  Exactly! It is a bulldog house!

Me:      Oh, Stella, I have put a lot of words in your mouth during the time I have known you. I don’t recall ever telling you that this is a bulldog house.

Stella:  Words in my mouth? You did? I don’t remember. What did they taste like? Did they taste good. May I have some more, please?

Me:      Yes, as many as you like, good old bulldog.

Stella:  So long as none of them tastes like raccoon.


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Squirrel Staredown! – Stella’s Blog

I am Stella, also known as Flying Stella, Squirrel Fighter. Yes, I am Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, but that takes second place today.

Lady Human snapped a picture of Jerky McSquirrelyFace while he was snacking on still more of our green pecans, pecans that never had a chance to grow and ripen into the delicious autumn nuts that bulldogs love to eat off the ground, delicious nuts that give us gas. 

Flatulence is a small price to pay for such a wonderful treat.

Transcriptionist: Speak for yourself, Stella. You are not on the receiving end. 

Stella: Silence! The Queen IS speaking!

Transcriptionist: I guess I’m going to have to give my bulldog lecture about rudeness again. 

Stella: My blog, my rules. And speaking of rudeness, look at how he has his nose stuck up in the air like he’s all that and a bag of doggy treats, too. Which he is not! He is a snooty squirrel in bulldog territory. 

Then that squirrel rudely began a staredown, trying to intimidate us. “Intimidate” is a human word meaning “bulldoggy”. He has probably finished all the green pecans on that tree and thinks we should plant another one just for him. Well, no way!

We engaged in an eyeball battle for the ages. Jerky stared and stared, but I was not intimidated. You can’t bulldog a bulldog. Our big old eyes don’t look away so easily. Finally, he wised up and left in defeat. Bulldogs rule.

Maybe next time he will think twice before starting a staredown contest with me. Maybe next time, I will fly up into a tree and do paw to paw combat with him.

As the humans say, stay tuned.

Signed, Wartior Queen Stella

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Rules, Rules, and More Rules – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. That’s right! QUEEN! Get it?

Me: Stella, what have I told you about being rude?

Stella: I don’t remember. I was too busy being rude and ordering others around. Hey, you have a long list of rules, too. Have you counted them lately?

Me: There aren’t so many rules and all of them are for your own good.

Stella: Ahem.

 Don’t step on my toes.

Don’t jump up on me.

Don’t step on my shoes, especially when I am wearing them.

Don’t grab. Not anything. Not at anytime.

Don’t wild play in the house.

Don’t bark for no reason.




Me: And your point is?

Stella: Too many rules. And they are not all for our own good. How is it for our own good not to step on your toes?

Me: You don’t have to hear me cry out in pain. I think you don’t know how heavy you really are.

Stella: Are you calling us ‘fat’?

Me: No, I am calling y’all heavy. 50 to 70 pounds each. What else would you call that?

Stella: Hefty. Substantial. Bulldoggy.

Me: Just see how it feels to you when hefty, substantial, or bulldoggy lands on your foot.

Stella: Humans don’t understand how it feels when you have to follow a bunch of rules.

Me: Oh, yes, we do! Humans have all kinds of rules to follow. Humans make rules. They are not always right, but we have to follow them until we can get them changed. The Great Creator has given us rules to follow that are for our benefit and those are right. Following good rules brings good.

Stella: I thought humans got to do whatever they wanted to do.

  • Me: No, humans are not wise enough to govern our own lives. The Great Creator gave us guidance so we would not destroy ourselves or the rest of creation. We do well when we follow Him, but when we don’t…

Stella: Rude happens.

Me: Yep.

Stella: You could still drop that no unreasonable barking rule. Unreasonable barking is the best kind.

“Keep My commandments, and live; and My law as the apple of thine eye.” Proverbs 7:2 KJV

Don’t Call My Sister Names! – Conversations with Stella

Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge, is here with me again for yet another conversation about something that has perplexed or annoyed her. And what is that today, Stella?

Stella: Some silly, rude human called Snoopey an ugly name! I heard Tall Man talking about it.

Me: And what was the ugly name?

Stella: Mug. Or pug. Or mutt. I don’t know. I didn’t understand. Human speech is confusing to me. It was not nice because Tall Man became very heated.

Me: You could tell that? 

Stelka: Humans put off heat and odors when they are unhappy or snarly. 

Me: I think he got mad when someone we don’t even know called Snoopey a “mutt” and suggested that she was ugly and not a real bulldog.

Stella: Ooooo! Who did that? Let me at ’em!

Me: Humans have all kinds of opinions. Most of them should be ignored. “Mutt” is not even a bad name at all. It just means not pedigreed and most mutts are sweet, adorable dogs. 

Stella: Aaaggghhh! Not the point! Snoopey is a BULLDOG! BULLDOG!!! Never call a bulldog anything else.For example, never call a bulldog a “poodle”.

Me: I never would do that. I love poodles.

Stella: Never call a bulldog a “Labrador”.

Me: I never would do that. I love Labradors.

Stella: Lady Human, are you saying you don’t love bulldogs?

Me: Nope. I just find special things about all breeds.

Stella: I understand that you are trying to be nice, but NO! LOVE BULLDOGS!!! YOU ARE A BULLDOG HUMAN!!!

Me: Oh, all right. As long as I’m not a human bulldog.

Stella: Well, you may be that, too.

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Acorn War – Stella’s Blog

Hello again, Humans. I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I have another story to tell.

Once upon a time about an hour ago, I heard my old nemesis, Jerky McSquirrelyFace, chuckling at me from the big red oak tree. For a squirrel, he laughs entirely too much.

I tried to ignore him, but Jerky likes to throw things on dogs and people, hence the name “Jerky”. Jerky makes ignorance impossible.

I decided enough is enough. Two can play that game and one of them is a bulldog.

Every thrown acorn became ammunition for me. I picked up the acorns with my mouth, spit them into the air, and batted them at Jerky with my big bulldog paws.

Soon the air filled with acorns flying up and down and sideways. Jerky was fast, but I was faster. 

I discovered something about squirrels today. They are not bulldoggy. They give up. We don’t.

Jerky ran through the branches, jumped over the fence,  and disappeared. 

What does that mean? I WON! The score: Bulldogs 1 – Squirrels 0.

Control of the yard is mine as it should be. It’s good to be the queen.

Signed, Queen Stella

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