Squirrel Staredown! – Stella’s Blog

I am Stella, also known as Flying Stella, Squirrel Fighter. Yes, I am Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, but that takes second place today.

Lady Human snapped a picture of Jerky McSquirrelyFace while he was snacking on still more of our green pecans, pecans that never had a chance to grow and ripen into the delicious autumn nuts that bulldogs love to eat off the ground, delicious nuts that give us gas. 

Flatulence is a small price to pay for such a wonderful treat.

Transcriptionist: Speak for yourself, Stella. You are not on the receiving end. 

Stella: Silence! The Queen IS speaking!

Transcriptionist: I guess I’m going to have to give my bulldog lecture about rudeness again. 

Stella: My blog, my rules. And speaking of rudeness, look at how he has his nose stuck up in the air like he’s all that and a bag of doggy treats, too. Which he is not! He is a snooty squirrel in bulldog territory. 

Then that squirrel rudely began a staredown, trying to intimidate us. “Intimidate” is a human word meaning “bulldoggy”. He has probably finished all the green pecans on that tree and thinks we should plant another one just for him. Well, no way!

We engaged in an eyeball battle for the ages. Jerky stared and stared, but I was not intimidated. You can’t bulldog a bulldog. Our big old eyes don’t look away so easily. Finally, he wised up and left in defeat. Bulldogs rule.

Maybe next time he will think twice before starting a staredown contest with me. Maybe next time, I will fly up into a tree and do paw to paw combat with him.

As the humans say, stay tuned.

Signed, Wartior Queen Stella

Copyright 2016 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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