Rules, Rules, and More Rules – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. That’s right! QUEEN! Get it?

Me: Stella, what have I told you about being rude?

Stella: I don’t remember. I was too busy being rude and ordering others around. Hey, you have a long list of rules, too. Have you counted them lately?

Me: There aren’t so many rules and all of them are for your own good.

Stella: Ahem.

 Don’t step on my toes.

Don’t jump up on me.

Don’t step on my shoes, especially when I am wearing them.

Don’t grab. Not anything. Not at anytime.

Don’t wild play in the house.

Don’t bark for no reason.




Me: And your point is?

Stella: Too many rules. And they are not all for our own good. How is it for our own good not to step on your toes?

Me: You don’t have to hear me cry out in pain. I think you don’t know how heavy you really are.

Stella: Are you calling us ‘fat’?

Me: No, I am calling y’all heavy. 50 to 70 pounds each. What else would you call that?

Stella: Hefty. Substantial. Bulldoggy.

Me: Just see how it feels to you when hefty, substantial, or bulldoggy lands on your foot.

Stella: Humans don’t understand how it feels when you have to follow a bunch of rules.

Me: Oh, yes, we do! Humans have all kinds of rules to follow. Humans make rules. They are not always right, but we have to follow them until we can get them changed. The Great Creator has given us rules to follow that are for our benefit and those are right. Following good rules brings good.

Stella: I thought humans got to do whatever they wanted to do.

  • Me: No, humans are not wise enough to govern our own lives. The Great Creator gave us guidance so we would not destroy ourselves or the rest of creation. We do well when we follow Him, but when we don’t…

Stella: Rude happens.

Me: Yep.

Stella: You could still drop that no unreasonable barking rule. Unreasonable barking is the best kind.

“Keep My commandments, and live; and My law as the apple of thine eye.” Proverbs 7:2 KJV

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