Don’t Call My Sister Names! – Conversations with Stella

Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge, is here with me again for yet another conversation about something that has perplexed or annoyed her. And what is that today, Stella?

Stella: Some silly, rude human called Snoopey an ugly name! I heard Tall Man talking about it.

Me: And what was the ugly name?

Stella: Mug. Or pug. Or mutt. I don’t know. I didn’t understand. Human speech is confusing to me. It was not nice because Tall Man became very heated.

Me: You could tell that? 

Stelka: Humans put off heat and odors when they are unhappy or snarly. 

Me: I think he got mad when someone we don’t even know called Snoopey a “mutt” and suggested that she was ugly and not a real bulldog.

Stella: Ooooo! Who did that? Let me at ’em!

Me: Humans have all kinds of opinions. Most of them should be ignored. “Mutt” is not even a bad name at all. It just means not pedigreed and most mutts are sweet, adorable dogs. 

Stella: Aaaggghhh! Not the point! Snoopey is a BULLDOG! BULLDOG!!! Never call a bulldog anything else.For example, never call a bulldog a “poodle”.

Me: I never would do that. I love poodles.

Stella: Never call a bulldog a “Labrador”.

Me: I never would do that. I love Labradors.

Stella: Lady Human, are you saying you don’t love bulldogs?

Me: Nope. I just find special things about all breeds.

Stella: I understand that you are trying to be nice, but NO! LOVE BULLDOGS!!! YOU ARE A BULLDOG HUMAN!!!

Me: Oh, all right. As long as I’m not a human bulldog.

Stella: Well, you may be that, too.

Copyright 2016 H.J.Hill All Rights Reserved.

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