…But You Said! – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, but that does not seem to make any difference. The humans pay no attention. They make promises that they don’t keep.

Me:        What promises have we not kept?

Stella:    You said we would spend more time together outside. You said we would cook meat on the fire pit and the air would be cool and we would sit in chairs.

Me:        Well, I said I would sit in a chair, but I know how much you all like to sit in chairs like humans.

Stella:    But we have not done it. Why? Why? Why?

Me:        Because, because, because it is still too hot for you all to be outside for long.

Stella:    What did you do with the cooler air?

Me:        Nothing. It just hasn’t shown up yet.

Stella:    But you promised. Waaahhh.

Me:        Stella, why are you whining? You don’t even like the outside that much.

Stella:    The others are whining and that makes me whine. I get tired of hearing it. When are we going to cook out? When is the cool breeze going to blow? When are the leaves going to fall on our heads? It’s not easy being the bulldog queen.

Me:        It’s not easy being the human in charge either.

Stella:    But you said…

Me:        I said what the meteorologists said.

Stella:    The meteor – who?

Me:        Weather people.

Stella:    Why did the meteor-who people lie?

Me:        They did not lie.

Stella:    But they said something that was not true.

Me:        They made an educated guess based on what they knew. They simply didn’t know it all.

Stella:    So what did they do with the cooler air?

Me:        They don’t control the air. They track it.

Stella:    Like those dogs who have really good noses.

Me:        Yes, if those dogs used computers and satellites instead of their sense of smell. Meteorologists have a notoriously hard time predicting weather in Texas, except in the summer when they can say “hot” and pretty much be right all the time.

Stella:    I will not depend on the word of the meteor-who people anymore so do not quote them again. I will use my bulldog nose to track the air just as any queen should.

Me:        Well, good luck with that.

Stella:    Wait! What? I think I smell a change in the weather.

Me:        What does your nose say?

Stella:    Hot and still hotter.

Me:        Keep sniffing. One of these days soon, we will not be having hot dogs outside.



Copyright 2016 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.



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