The Tongues of Humans – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Lady Human has been very naughty.

Me:        No bulldog has a right to call me naughty. Look in a mirror.

Stella:    You were gone twice today. Not once, but twice. That is one…two…that’s two times too many. What is your excuse?

Me:        Well, this evening I met one of my daughters for dinner for Mother’s Day. She is going on a business trip tomorrow and won’t be here.

Stella:    Not good enough. Why were you gone the other time?

Me:        I went to study in my Gaelic class.

Stella:    Why would anyone study garlic. Dogs can’t even have garlic though it would be wonderful if we could. It smells delicious.

Me:        Not garlic. Gaelic. It is the native tongue of Ireland.

Stella:    What does that even mean? You went away from us to study a tongue. You could have stayed here and studied our tongues. We are happy to show our tongues.

Me:        Sorry, I should have said ‘language’. I went to study the Irish language.

Stella:    You can’t explain anything to us in your own language and now you are studying another one? Wait a minute. Were there Irish dogs at this class? Were you out talking to other dogs?

Me:        Don’t be silly. You can smell my clothes and tell that there were not.

Stella:    Forget Irish. You ought to work on your English Bulldoggese. It leaves much to be desired.



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Why Are You Sticking Your Tongue Out at Me? – Conversations with Stella

I have a question for Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge…

Stella:   Queen!

 Me:        Whatever. Why do bulldogs stick out their tongues?

Stella:   Tongues need fresh air. It is a bulldog thing. Other dogs do it. Bulldogs do it best.

Me:        But why?

Stella:   Don’t humans stick their tongues out?

Me:        Only to lick our lips or to be rude.

Stella:   How is sticking your tongue out rude?

Me:        To humans, it means something like, ‘I don’t care what you think. In your face.’

Stella:   How is that rude?

Me:        Believe me. When humans do it, it’s rude. It’s the attitude behind it.

Stella:   I have no attitude behind sticking my tongue out. I do it because it feels good to me and it cools me off a little and it is a bulldog move and I am proud to be a bulldog.

Me:        All right. I understand. What about when you stick your tongue out while you are sunbathing, which I have observed you are doing on a regular basis now. You never used to sunbathe.

Stella:   My tongue can use a little sun, too.

Me:        Aren’t you concerned that your tongue may get sunburnt?

Stella:   Nope. Bulldog tongues are tough. The sun would never dare to burn our tongues.

Me:        What would happen if it did?

Stella:   We would have to attack that old sun and lick it until we put it out.

Me:        A huge pack of bulldogs attacking the sun. I can imagine that.

Stella:   Are we getting back on that imagining thing?

Me:        It would take a large effort from NASA.

Stella:   What is NASA? Is that a bulldog group?

Me:        In a way. Keep sticking your tongue out, Stella.


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