Wandering vs. Meandering – Conversations with Stella, Doodlebug, and MoonCat

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I am a stable, settled creature. When it is bedtime, it is bedtime, not meowing time or wandering around the house time.

Doodlebug:  Are you referring to me?

Stella:  Among others. You know who you are. MoonCat.

MoonCat:  Meow. I don’t wander. I meander. There is a huge difference.

Me:  Okay. Explain.

MoonCat:  Wandering around the house is what a human or a dog might do. Meandering is much more elegant. It is the purview of cats. Get it. Purr-view of cats.

Me:  I get it. I just don’t understand why Doodle has started joining in at night. It’s highly disruptive to our sleep patterns.

MoonCat:  Nonsense, Lady Human. I sleep anytime, anywhere. I am completely well-rested. So you have nothing to worry about. Good night for now.

Copyright 2021 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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