Wiggles the Wayward Bulldog – Conversations with Stella and the Pack

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Me:  Where is Wiggles? 

Stella:  Why do you want to know?

Me:  Wiggles! Wiggles! I heard muffled barking when I was unloading groceries. But the barking has stopped. I know we didn’t leave her in the yard. Wiggles!

Miss Sweetie:  I am simply sitting and staring.

Doodlebug:  Me, too.

Me:  Wiggles!

Stella:  Tall Man is home. Maybe he can help.

Me:  I can’t find Wiggles.

Tall Man:  I’ll search outside.

Me:  I’ve run all through the house. I’ll get in the car and drive around. How could she have gotten out? If she would just bark again…wait.

Stella:  Now you’re thinking.

Me:  Can’t possibly be…

Stella:  Sure it is.

Me:  Wiggles, how did you get back there?

Wiggles:  It wasn’t all that hard for someone determined.

Me:  I don’t believe it. I put up a wall and all kinds of obstacles to keep you out of the cat box area. How did you…There is that plastic wall, a bookcase, a piano bench. The cat carrier, a stack of cardboard boxes…

Tall Man:  She must have moved the plastic wall.

Wiggles:  I’m not revealing my secret.

Tall Man:  Well, here is another heavy wooden box for a block.

Me:  And couldn’t one of you all have given me a hint where she was?

Stella:  Are we Wiggles’ keeper?

Wiggles:  I barked because I got trapped and because there were no more cat snacks.

Me:  Gross! Nasty!

Wiggles:  There are wonderful treats the cat hides back there. Why do you all make them so hard to reach?

Me:  Because they are not good for you! And I thought you were lost.

Wiggles:  I’m sorry, Lady Human. That you were worried about me, not about raiding the cat box treats.

Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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