Hot Diggity Dog! – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Wow! What happened?

Me:  A cold front. Those thunderstorms last night brought cooler air with them. It was 106 degrees and about an hour later, it was down to 75.

Stella:  Can you do that again?

Me:  Since I didn’t do it, I doubt it.

Stella:  It has been so hot! For a million years.

Me:  Well, despite what you think, I have not been around for a million years, so…

Stella:  Now it is all nice and cool.

Me: Yes, it is a nice, cool 93 degrees.

Stella:  You probably didn’t notice, Lady Human, but for this last week or so, I didn’t want to do anything. So, in the way of bulldogs, I didn’t.

Me:  It’s hard to get motivated in the heat. Once you get out in it, it’s okay, but you never stop thinking about the air conditioning.

Stella:  And ice.

Me:  And cool, wet scarves.

Stella:  And ice.

Me:  And rubbing alcohol.

Stella:  And… wait…that stinky, smelly stuff you wipe on your arms…NOOOOO! Keep it away! Keep it away!

Me:  I don’t use it on you. It helps me cool down.

Stella: And you can keep it all to yourself. Wait again. Are you going to use it today? Do I have to hide my precious little bulldog nose?

Me:  No, I probably won’t bring it out today. It’s cooled down enough.

Stella:  Whew! That’s a relief! Next time, you need to cool down, I have a whole supply of non-stinky drool for that.






Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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