Happy 7th Birthday, Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges.


Tiger:  Do I have to sing the birthday song? She already gets called ‘the queen’ all the time. That’s like having a birthday every day.

Me:  We sang it for you. It would be nice if you joined in with a pleasant, non-grumbly voice.

Tiger:  Oh, all right.

Wiggles:  What do we get?

Me:  Special treat this evening. A small sausage that has been made with cheese. Well-cooked. Not our normal fare.

Miss Sweetie:  Oh, me, me, me!

Me:  Everyone gets some, Sweetie.

Doodlebug:  How old is seven years?

Me:  Well, I’ve seen several calculations for that, from 51.5 to 62.1 human years.

Doodlebug:  Is that old?

Me:  Well…

Stella:  I can’t believe it. Just like that, I am old.

Me:  You don’t act old. I don’t think of you as old. I didn’t know you when you were a puppy.

Stella:  I was a puppy?

Me:  Sure. Don’t you remember?

Stella:  Not much. Was I cute?

Me:  You’re cute now so you must have been cute then.

Stella:  I’m not sure I like birthdays anymore. Especially when there is no cake.

Me:  But then there is…

Stella:  SAUSAGE!!! I’m young again! Bring it on!




Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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