Rules of the House – Part One – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the English Bulldogges. This bulldog convention is called to order. On the agenda, changes to the Rules of the House. Rule #1: No barking. A quiet house is a happy house.

Tiger:  Wrong!

Wiggles:  Stupid!

Doodlebug:  Totally unbulldoggy!

Miss Sweetie:  What is a convention?  Wait. More important – what is a genda?

Me:  What is going on in here?

Stella:  A private bulldog meeting. Our free speech is being squashed. We are here gathered to take hold of our squashed words.

Me:  If that means you are going to bark all the time and for no reason, the answer is Nope.

Tiger:  That sounds reasonable.

Wiggles:  I can go along with that.

Doodlebug:  I vote aye!

Miss Sweetie:  Hold on! I still don’t know what a genda is?










Copyright 2020 H.J Hill All Rights Reserved.

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