Toy Day is HERE! – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! TOY DAY IS HERE!

Tiger:  How do you know?

Stella:  The box! The box! Lady Human has the box!

Me:  Settle down. This will take a minute or so to set up. I just ordered it yesterday. It came so fast.

Stella: But you said you were getting it centuries ago.

Me:  That was a couple of days ago, but I didn’t actually get the order in until yesterday.

Stella:  Lady Human, for shame! You lied to a dog.

Me:  Well, they’re here now.

Doodlebug:  Mine!

Miss Sweetie:  Mine!

Wiggles:  Mine!

Tiger:  Aw. There won’t be any left for me.

Me:  There are enough for everyone to get a toy. I picked some new style ones this year. Okay, first. Stella. Stella?

Stella:  I am giving my turn to Sweetie.

Me:  What? Why?

Stella:  I always get to go first because I am… oldest. Sweetie never gets to go first because she is young. She should get to go first this time.

Me:  That’s kind of you, Stella.

Stella:  I am that kind of bulldog. A kind one.

Me:  Sweetie, go for it.

Miss Sweetie:  Which one? Which one? This one!

Me:  All right! The tough chew that looks like a stick but is maple bacon-flavored. Okay, Stella, do go this time.

Stella:  Okay! Okay! This one!

Me:  Tough chew bone flavored like peanut butter. That’s a switch. Wiggles, your turn.

Wiggles:  Easy. This one smells like BACON! Mine!

Me:  Tough chew bacon-flavored bone. Tiger, you’re next.

Tiger:  What is that? Hey, Wiggles has one like that! I want that one so I can be like Wiggles! And it smells like beef.

Me:  Blue multi-sided tough chew bone. Okay, Doodle, you have two to pick from.

Doodlebug:  This one is different. I want to be different.

Me:  That one is made to look like an antler and smell like venison. Since you’ve never seen either, that would be different for you.

Stella:  There is still one left, just like before.

Me:  I know. I still like to order six. That’s just me being weird.

Stella:  I also remember Snoopey, Lady Human. It’s not weird to remember. Maybe we can give it to a dog that doesn’t have a toy and then that dog can remember Snoopey, too.






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