The Day Tiger Came Home – Conversations with Stella and Tiger


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I remember that day. Tiger came home.

Me:  Four years ago today. Just after her first birthday.


Tiger:  I don’t remember. Not much anyway.  I remember Tall Man. I remember Lady Human feeding me milk and water from a tube. Everything else is fuzzy.

Stella:  I remember. She looked terrible. You put her in a safe bed next to me. All I could do was watch. She couldn’t even stand up.

Tiger:  Everything was strange. And pain. I remember pain. My legs and face hurt a lot.

Me:  It was a hard time. That tussle you got into with your kennel mate almost did you in. That was four years ago. And here you are.

Stella:  But the Great Creator saved your life. Even the white coat lady did not give you much hope, even with all her medicines. Lady Human told us how the people asked the Great Creator for you to live.

Me:  And you started getting better really fast.

Tiger:  Yes. Things became clearer. And there was less pain. And I could walk again. But there are still marks on my legs.

Me:  Scars. Battle scars. Many humans have them, too.

Tiger:  I’ve never had another battle since that time.

Me:  No. For my part, I plan that you never will.

Tiger:  That other dog lived with me. I don’t know why she attacked me.

Me:  A dog thing, I guess. You are safe now.

Tiger:  Safe. Yes. Safe. That is a great word.

Me:  Happy Homecoming Day, Tiger.






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