Bulldog Football – Conversations with Stella and Wiggles


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Make way! Make way! Tall Man is coming through! He is a busy man!

Wiggles:   I want to say hello before he leaves for the mystery place called “work”.


Me:        No, just wave from over there. He has his good pants on.

Wiggles:   It won’t take long. I just want to say good-bye before he goes to his mystery place.

Stella:    Let’s all just bark our hellos and good-byes. The humans are very particular about their clothes when they are going to mystery places. Of course, if they would just be like us and not wear clothes, they would have one less thing to worry about it. But humans insist on clothing.

Me:        It’s an old practice. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.

Stella:    Is that where Tall Man is going now?

Me:        To the Garden of Eden? No. That’s a long, long way from here. It’s…well…it’s a long story, in more ways than one.

Stella:    Bring on the popcorn!

Wiggles:   After I wipe my face on Tall Man’s pants. Then everyone will know that a bulldog has loved him.

Me:        Nope.

Wiggles:   I’ll just go over this way.

Me:        Nope.

Wiggles:   Around this way then.

Me:        Nope.

Wiggles:   Lady Human, I had no idea you could move that fast.

Me:        Neither did I. It’s like football and I am a blocker.

Stella:    Cool! What is football?

Tall Man:   Bye! See you later!

Wiggles:   No! He’s getting away without my slobber kiss!

Me:        Exactly. He’ll probably let you smear your slobber kiss on his casual pants later.

Wiggles:   But how will the humans at the mystery place know that a bulldog loves him.

Me:        He will tell them.

Wiggles:   It would be more believable if he had a big mouth smear on his pants.

Stella:    Maybe next time.







Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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