The Water Bowl Mystery – Conversations with Stella and the Pack

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Strange things occur in the houses of humans.

Me:        What other kinds of houses are there?

Stella:    Birdhouses.

Me:        Okay. I’ll give you that one.

Stella:    Cow houses.

Me:        Let’s call those ‘barns’.

Stella:    Rabbit condos.

Me:        Okay. We did have one of those.

Stella:    Cat houses.

Me:        Well, that can mean more than one thing. Let’s just say that cats live mostly in human houses. What strange things are you talking about?

Stella:    My water bowl is empty. I go outside. I come back in. My water bowl is clean and full. Mystery.

Me:        Not really. What happens is…

Snoopey:    Are you that silly? What do you think happens? She cleans and fills the water bowl while you are outside sniffing around.

Miss Sweetie:    But it’s happened to me, too. Sure, sometimes Lady Human cleans and refills my water bowl right in front of me, but other times…I go outside. I come back in. It’s all clean and full of new water. Mystery.

Stella:    You see! Sweetie knows. She has seen it!

Tiger:     You all are the goofiest things going. Whether you are outside or in, she cleans your bowls and pours more water in. No mystery. Done and done.

Doodlebug:   Water is water. Who cares how it gets there?

Wiggles:   Yeah, that’s wise.

Snoopey:   Wise, nothin’! You’d better hope Lady Human is around to clean and refill bowls!

Stella:    No, Snoopey! The humans have this story about a man in a red suit who comes around one night a year, bringing presents, toys, food, all kinds of good stuff, and he is never seen, and he disappears into the night and it’s a mystery.

Snoopey:   He had better show up more than once a year if you’re depending on water from him.

Me:        That’s a story. I’ll tell you about the real man that story is based on sometime soon. Meanwhile, the truth is…

Stella:    The truth is our water bowls get cleaned. The truth is our water bowls get refilled. A mystery. One for which I am grateful.

Me:        Amen. Let’s just leave it at that for now.





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Odd Dog Out – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Bulldogs are different. Each one has its own little quirks. Among the members of our pack, some of us are more different than others. I have to say that Miss Sweetie is the Odd Dog. I love her, but her behavior is out there in weird land.


Me:        Well, she is incredibly smart.

Stella:    I know. The self-built toilet event. The twisted water pipe caper. But I am thinking of other behaviors that qualify as strange even in the bulldog world. Did you see what she did when you cleaned and refilled her water bowl yesterday?

Me:        How could I miss it? She soaked her back feet in it. And the weather wasn’t even hot.

Stella:    She was washing them off after soaking them in mud. Sweetie never met a mud puddle that she didn’t like.

Me:        Yeah, it’s hard to remember what the natural color of her feet are. It’s hard to figure out what is hanging out of her mouth on a long strand of drool. Of course, you are a very clean dog. I never see you seeking out dirt, dust, mud, or slime.

Stella:    Dirt and slime are yucky. Sweetie is a loner. And she is not. She sits out in the yard by herself. She uses your chairs as though they are thrones. She makes the scariest, long, drawn-out, bulldog-type drones. She plays hard. She sleeps hard. Well, maybe she is not so different from the rest of us after all.

Me:        Did you see what happened when I brought out my chime balls to do my hand exercises?

Stella:    She was full asleep and she jumped up and started barking and those chime balls were not even making the least little noise. But then the rest of us started barking at them and that made a lot of noise. Lady Human, I would not bring those out again in our presence. You might want to keep them to yourself from now on.

Me:        I never know what is going to set the pack off.

Stella:    Me, either.

Me:        If not you, who would know?

Stella:    Nobody. It is a deep mystery, the sort that only the Great Creator understands. We’d best leave it that way.

Me:        What should we do about Miss Sweetie?

Stella:    Enjoy her and appreciate the fact that we are all different.



Copyright 2017 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.