Why Is It So Dark in the Daytime? – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I am still freaked out since the loud wind nonsense. I figure some silly humans caused that.

Me: You attribute to us more power than we have.

Stella: Speaking of power…

Me: They’re working on it. Over 300,000 people in this area have been without electricity since the storm. They’ve whittled that number down to around 200,000.

Stella: How many is that?

Me: Think of all the humans, bulldogs, and animals you have ever seen.

Stella: Okay.

Me: It’s way more than that.

Stella: Wow. But why is it so dark in the daytime?

Me: Like I said, we don’t have ekectric power right now. I am very grateful that the temperature was so much cooler than normal today.

Stella: What do you mean we have no electric stuff. Flip one of those things on the wall like you always do. Tada! Light! Even I know that.

Me: The switch on the wall has no power without the flow of electricity.

Stella: Now you’re just not making any sense at all, Lady Human. Flip the switch thingey. Boom. Light. Humans are so lazy.

Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Why Is It So Dark in the Daytime? – Conversations with Stella

    1. And the power is still off, but Oncor has summoned utility help from eleven different states, bless them, to help with the emergency. The only clear view I’ve had of the bulldogs’ faces during the past 2 days has been when we were outside during daylight. It will be good to look them in the eyes again when the lights come back on.

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      1. We got a reprieve after the storm. The high was in the mid-seventies yesterday and around 80 today. Tomorrow will be 87. And Friday is expected to be 98. I have a portable battery operated fan blowing on each bulldog. The stores are running out of chainsaws and D sized batteries. There is probably a joke about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in there somewhere.

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      2. Hallelujah! The power just came back on! God bless Oncor for working double shifts and God bless Alabama Power for coming all the way here to help.

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