The Yard Zipper – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde Bulldogges. Lady Human is playing in the yard with her new toy and she is not sharing. So unfair.

Me:  Whew! Glad that’s done for another few days.

Stella:  Why couldn’t we play with you, Lady Human?

Me:  I wasn’t playing.

Stella:  Sure, you were. We heard your new toy zipping around the yard.

Me:  That’s not a toy. It’s my new grass and weed trimmer.

Stella:  It sounds fun. But you’re keeping all the fun to yourself.

Me:  It’s no toy. It’s a tool for cutting down weeds and tall grass in tight places.

Stella:  We can do that. Just let us have the toy. Or better yet, you use it and we’ll chase it.

Me:  I can’t even risk having you outside when I’m using it. You all are already too interested in it when it’s just sitting around doing nothing but cooling off. When it’s running, it could hit you or sling pebbles or sharp grass blades at you.

Stella:  So, it’s like a dodge ball game. Or a throw ball game. Cool!

Me:   Stella, you don’t like those games. When I try them, you run to the door to get inside.

Stella:  But that’s the point of the whole game! Just think how fast I can run with the yard zipper throwing stuff at me.









Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.







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