Foot-Dragging Trash Diver – Conversations with Stella and Wiggles


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges and…

Me:        Wiggles. Wiggles? Wiggles!

Stella:    Why am I being interrupted?

Me:        Wiggles! Come out of there!

Stella:    Aaaaggghhh! What now?

Wiggles:   Nothing.

Me:        Wiggles, I know what you are doing.

Wiggles:   Okay.

Me:        Don’t you dare try to get that trash bag.

Wiggles:   Hmmm. Okay.

Me:        All right then. Here I come.

Wiggles:   Coming! Slowly.

Me:        What have you gotten into?

Wiggles:   Don’t bother looking. There was nothing interesting in there.

Me:        Oh, Wiggles, how did you…those are all empty trash bags.

Wiggles:   You’re telling me?

Stella:    What Lady Human means, Wiggles, is that you aren’t supposed to go trash diving even in empty trash bags.

Me:        Thank you, Stella.

Stella:   AND when she calls you, you should come then. No foot-dragging.

Wiggles:   I don’t foot-drag. I walk carefully and at a slow pace so as not to miss any good trash.






Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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