Clean Up Your Own Mess – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Lady Human! Lady Human! Where have you been?

Me:  Sorry. I’m only a few minutes late. What’s the…oh.

Stella:  Sweetie did it. I told her you were coming in the door, but she didn’t believe me. She peed right there anyway.


Miss Sweetie:  I thought you were gone forever, Lady Human. I am sorry. I lost hope.

Tiger:  None of the rest of us did that. You just got impatient.

Wiggles:  Lady Human always comes back, Sweetie.

Me:  Okay, Sweetie, here’s a big towel. Clean up your mess.

Doodlebug:  What?

Stella:  Lady Human, what are you doing? You are the one who is supposed to clean up our messes.

Tiger:  We are dogs. We don’t do chores.

Doodlebug:  Look! Look at Sweetie.

Stella:  She’s using the towel to wipe up the mess.

Me:  I know. She’s done it before.

Miss Sweetie:  How’s that, Lady Human?

Me:  Good job. Let me take the towel. A little disinfectant here and there. And the job’s done.

Miss Sweetie:  Does that mean that I have your permission to pee in the house whenever…

Me:  No!

Stella:  No!

Tiger:  No!

Wiggles:  No!

Doodlebug:  No!

Miss Sweetie:  No?







Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved


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