The Stubbornest Species on the Face of the Earth – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I am a bulldog and flat out proud of it!

Me:        That’s not a bad thing, to be proud of who you are. Not in an arrogant way, but content. Good for you! Now what is it about being a bulldog that you are proud of.

Stella:    Well…you know…bulldog.

Me:        But what specifically about being a bulldog makes you proud?

Stella:    Well…you know…for one thing, we are stubborn. We dig our feet in and we stay put. Unless we don’t want to or change our minds and then we don’t stay put, but at least we are stubborn about that, too. Dig in! Don’t move! Or move! Do what you want!

Me:        Do what you want? Is that always a good thing?

Stella:    It is when you are a bulldog. We are the stubbornest species on the face of the earth.

Me:        I beg to differ.

Stella:    Beg? Like begging for a treat? You don’t look like you’re begging. I need to give you lessons on that.

Me:        It’s another of those human sayings. I think my species could challenge you for the title of “Stubbornest Species”.

Stella:    Don’t do it, Lady Human! Humans will lose that contest!

Me:        Just one example: How many times have I told one of you to come in…for any reason, because a storm is coming, because it is bedtime and you need to be inside, or because I said so…

Stella:    The worst of all reasons.

Me:        But think about it. How many times have I said to do that and you all or just one of you dug in, refused, disobeyed…

Stella:    I hate that word. Disobey. Yuck! That means I was expected to obey. Yuck!

Me:        And what happened then? Did I give up?

Stella:    No, sadly.

Me:        Nope. I dug in. I told you that you don’t bulldog me. And what happened?


Me:        And I am a stubborn human, and sometimes, that is good, and sometimes, that is bad. As for stubbornness, I’ll put a human up against a bulldog any day.

Stella:    That is foolish, Lady Human. We’ll take that challenge and raise you a…a… I don’t know what, but something more pig-headed than a bulldog if I can think of one. Wait! That’s it!

Me:        Nope. No pigs! No way!

Stella:    We’ll see. You know how stubborn I can be when I put my bulldog mind to something.









Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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