Bulldog It! – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Bulldogs are strong. Bulldogs are tough. Bulldogs are warriors. Bulldogs are rough. Bulldogs are…

Me:        Is this a poem you are writing?

Stella:    No, what would make you think that?

Me:        Well, the rhyming.

Stella:    What’s rhyming?

Me:        Never mind.

Stella:    I was making a point about what bulldogs are that you are not.

Me:        Okay, I guess. Hey, is that sort of an insult?

Stella:    It’s not sort of an insult. It is an insult. Bulldogs don’t do things sort of. For example, what are you doing with your hands?

Me:        I’m trying to get this big bag to the front for bulk trash week.

Stella:    If you are trying, it will never get done. Take the advice of a bulldog.

Me:        Oh, my, has it come to that?

Stella:    Why can’t you just move it?

Me:        It’s heavy and bulky, hence the term ‘bulk trash’.

Stella:    Pull on it.

Me:        I am.

Stella:    Not enough. Bulldog it!

Me:        I am.

Stella:    You call that bulldoggy! Pull!

Me:        I am.

Stella:    Stop playing with it and BULLDOG IT!

Me:        Okay, I got it. It’s moving!

Stella:    That’s the way to bulldog it! Now go get that other ugly bag over there. It’s in my way when I go potty.

Me:        I haven’t even finished moving this bag yet.

Stella:    A bulldog would never use that as an excuse.





Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.



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