What Is Black Friday and Will There Be Treats? – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen…YES, I SAID ‘QUEEN’ AND I MEANT IT… of the Olde English Bulldogges. Did I mention that I am Illustrious and Noble and Right Honorable? And I still do not have a crown. When will you remedy that, Lady Human?

Me:        I’m not sure. Maybe on Black Friday.

Stella:    What is Black Friday?

Me:        A big shopping day for humans the day after Thanksgiving.

Stella:    And when will that be?

Me:        Next Friday, a week from tomorrow.

Stella:    Not soon enough! I have been patient for months. Wait! Why is it called ‘Black Friday’? Is it because all the crowns sold on that day will be black? I WANT A GOLD CROWN WITH JEWELS! You will have to wait for Gold Friday if that is the case.

Me:        No, it is called ‘Black Friday’ because that is the day when many businesses see their first profit for the year. Profits used to be recorded in black ink and losses were recorded in red ink.

Stella:    Humans are weird.

Me:        I admit it. Sometimes we are.

Stella:    So, what do humans do on Black Friday? Can bulldogs do it, too?

Me:        It’s probably not a good day for bulldogs to be shopping with humans. The crowds are thick and people are rushing around trying to get good sales and specials that only last for a few hours. Humans become tense about those things.

Stella:    Are there treats?

Me:        Some, here and there. I used to go shopping with my girls on Black Friday and we would always stop to get some coffee or pastry or breakfast.

Stella:    Me! ME! ME! ME! Coffee! Pastry! Breakfast!

Me:        Yeah, but then one time, I knelt to tie my youngest child’s shoe and I got a look at what she was seeing. While from my point of view, everything was fun and exciting and colorful and lit up, all she was seeing was…

Stella:    A bulldog’s view. Lots of human feet and knees and giants walking past with their big shopping bags swinging past her head.

Me:        Yes, exactly. From then on, I stayed away from big crowds and rushing people and we went places during the holidays that were quieter and calmer and more on her level. Once she was older, we could enjoy the holiday rush together.

Stella:    I will never be as tall as a human. I will never be tall enough for Black Friday.

Me:        Don’t feel down, Stella. There are other things that you can enjoy. How about this? On Black Friday, you and I can go to the feed store where I get your treats. Dogs are welcome and there won’t be a crowd.

Stella:    Really? Do they have bulldog toys? Will children be there? How about that old man in the fluffy red suit?

Me:        I can’t promise all that.

Stella:    Oh, well then. Never mind. I will just stay home and take a nap.



Copyright 2016 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.






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