Cat in a Bag – Conversations with Stella and the Pack

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Lady Human! A weird thing is happening!

Me:  What is going on in here?

Stella:  Something pretty weird.

Me:  When is there not something weird going on? Weird is our middle name.

Wiggles:  The cat. The cat. The cat.

Miss Sweetie:  She is wearing a bag. It is so funny. Make it stop.

Me:  MoonCat, you are wearing a bag. How did this happen?

MoonCat:  Meow. What bag?

Me:  Your hind legs are in a plastic bag and the rest of the bag is wrapped around you.

Doodlebug:  Cats in bags! Easier to carry!

MoonCat:  I’m alright. I am just resting here on one of my thrones.

Me:  Come here. Let’s get that thing off of you.

MoonCat: I am fine.

Me:  There. It’s off. How did you get wound up in a plastic bag?

MoonCat:  It looked like fun at the time.

Stella:  Things weren’t weird enough today, so MoonCat helped that out.

Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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