The Troubles of Mankind – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I am a bulldog and as hard as I may try, I don’t understand humans. Like today. They are tense. And sad. I sense it, but I don’t know what is causing it. I just wish I could help them get beyond it. What has happened, Lady Human?

Me:   A very famous, very old church burned today.

Stella:  Your church? The church you go to when you leave us some mornings?

Me:  No, not mine. One a long, long way from here. But distance doesn’t matter.

Stella:  The humans are gone?

Me:  No, thank the LORD! It may be that there were no injuries or deaths.

Stella:  So, the church is still there.

Me:  The ancient building has been almost destroyed. The roof has collapsed.

Stella:  But the church is still there.

Me:  Well, no, not the way it was…

Stella:  Lady Human, every time you tell us that you are going to church, do you think that we are so silly as to think that you are going to some building? Like when you go to a building to buy your food or to buy our treats? You go and you never come back carrying anything new in your hands. You go to your church, but you are not visiting a building. You have told me. You go to visit the Great Creator with your friends.

Me:  Yes.

Stella:  So that church a long, long way from here is still there. The building got hurt and humans are sorry for that. The things that humans build are wonderful, but they are human. The Great Creator is much, much more.

Me:  Yes, thank you for reminding me, Stella.

Stella: You’re welcome, Lady Human. Even humans need to remember what is truly important sometimes.





Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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