The Spotlight in the Night Sky – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I feel like howling and I don’t know why.

Me:   Do you hear a shrill sound? Because I don’t.

Stella:   No. No weird sounds except all the weird human sounds like those tin cans flying overhead and a general roar of noise from those things you call highways and freeways and roads and cars and trucks and…

Me:   Yeah, the world is a pretty noisy place.

Stella:   I just feel like howling.

Me:   Is it because of the moon?

Stella:   Moon. No. Why would a silly cat have something to do with it?

Me:   No, not Moon Cat. The moon in the sky. It is so bright tonight and so full.

Stella:   Oh, yeah. I see it. It’s like those lights you turn on in your hands, only I think no human turned that on. I think the Great Creator turned that light on.

Me:   That’s very perceptive of you. No human had anything to do with that light.

Stella:   I don’t feel like howling because of the moon. That’s a strange idea humans came up with. But it is awfully bright. Can you turn it off?

Me:   No. Like I said, humans have nothing to do with that light. It will fade as the earth turns and the moon goes around. It will be bright again tomorrow, if there are no clouds.

Stella:   Well, I think it should shut itself off. It is keeping me awake.

Me:   You won’t see it once we’re inside.

Stella:   Why didn’t you say so?

Me:   I didn’t think that I had to.

Stella:   Lady Human, I’m a dog. I don’t understand all the things a human does. Let’s go inside. The moon is too bright. If I stay out here, I will need some of your special dark eyeglasses.




Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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