May I Have What You Are Having? = Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. The humans have started their feasting. It smells delicious, but I noticed that our dinner was the same as usual.

Me:   Hey, I passed along extra treats.

Stella:   Boring.

Me:   Well, that’s rude. Always be grateful for what is set in front of you.

Miss Sweetie:   I liked those flat, crunchy things that were set in front of me.

Me:   You see, Stella. Sweetie liked what I shared from my own plate.

Doodlebug:   What are those called? They were good.

Me:   Crackers.

Doodlebug:   Why can’t I find those things outside?

Me:   Maybe because you are spending too much time searching for something else that you shouldn’t have.

Tiger:   How about some more of that chicken stuff?

Me:   Chicken treats. I’ll pass more of those out later. Let’s pace ourselves.

Tiger:   Ourselves? Are you sneaking our treats?

Me:  No. I am sneaking my own treats. My point is that we need to exercise self-control.

Tiger:   That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Me:   You’ll feel better for it later. I guarantee.

Wiggles:   May I have what you’re having?

Me:   No. I’m sorry.

Stella:   What are those? Mmmm!

Me:   Potato latkes. I haven’t made them for years.

Wiggles:   A wonderful scent is coming from them. Please, may I have one?

Me:   Girl, they have onions and garlic in them. I can’t share these with you.

Stella:   Did you do that on purpose so you wouldn’t have to share?

Me:   No, I was following an old recipe. Look, everyone can have one more chicken treat and then that will be it for tonight, okay?

Stella:   Are you telling us or asking us?

Me:   Telling you.

Stella:   Typical.






Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.


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