What Happened to Silent Night? – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. We have enjoyed a quiet day with special treats but not so many that any of us got sick, but enough to make us not complain.

Me:   I would not have paid attention to any complaining. It’s a holiday!

Stella:   Since when can we not complain on a holiday?

Me:   What part of ‘holy day’ do you not understand?

Stella:   The whole thing. For example, I heard you singing about a silent night. And last night was pretty quiet, except for me and the others barking and snoring and snorting and all that. But do you hear what I hear?

Me:   I don’t know. I never know what you hear.

Stella:   I hear a lot of noise. There is a steady roar coming from over there.

Me:   That’s traffic on the highway. It was quiet last night because more places were closed. Some started opening again about an hour ago.

Stella:   And there are loud boom noises.

Me:   I am sorry to have to tell you, Stella, that there are humans who are not…

Stella:   Smart, rational, careful, sane…

Me:   Yes.

Stella:   Too late. I already figured that out.

Me:   I think the booms are from some people driving around firing off shotguns and fireworks. Sadly, they believe that is a good way to celebrate.

Stella:   Quick! Call the people who drive the rolling boxes with crazy lights.

Me:   If I’m not mistaken, by the sound of sirens, they are already on their way. Let’s go inside until everything settles down.

Stella:   Oh, all right. So much for a silent night.  At least, these booms only happen once.

Me:   Well, just give it a week. We’ll see.





Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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