Stella’s Blog – Day 2 – Me & My Big Mouth

Hello again. My name is Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge, but if you have been reading my blog, you already know that. I am letting my lady human be my transcriptionist again this time. My last blog post looked weird, even to me, so I fired her. (That’s what the humans call it. It sounds so violent. Really it just means she wouldn’t be typing my blog posts anymore. She didn’t even get treats for doing it so she didn’t care.)

But then I asked her back because, to be honest, no one else would type for me and I don’t know how. Because I can’t read. And I can’t type because my toes won’t flex enough to hit those tiny black squares one at a time.

Here is my list of bulldog offenders with #1 being the worst:

  1. This one is a surprise – See below.
  2. Tiger: The only surprise here is that she is #2 and not #1. She started picking fights with Snoopey every time she walked by Snoopey’s crate and all poor Snoopey was trying to do was have a nice snooze.
  3. Snoopey: OK, I saw the whole thing. Snoopey was minding her own business when Tiger looked over and…um, well, see below.
  4. Wiggles: Sweet Wiggles. Smart Wiggles. She has the common dog sense to stay out of the fights of others.

By now, you have no doubt guessed who the #1 offender was. Yes, it was I, good old Stella.

I saw Tiger eyeballing Snoopey and I charged into action, well, not action, but lots of loud barking and stamping. I sounded great, really ferocious. My lady human had to shout to be heard when she said for me to stop and she had to remove Tiger who immediately went to snarling at who? Me? No! At Snoopey!

When I looked up at my lady human, she seemed disappointed and surprised. Oh, I guess I started that one, didn’t I? All I wanted to do was stick up for my sister, Snoopey, even though she doesn’t always stick up for me. And, I admit, I wanted to sound all tough and fierce. I’m not as big as Tiger and Snoopey. But I’m no coward. I can fight, too! But I don’t really want to. What I really like are naps and treats and soft toys.

So I didn’t think what might happen. I stepped into somebody else’s business and stirred up a fight between two others that might not have happened if I had just kept my big mouth shut.

This is my confession. This time I was #1.

“But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.”  1 Peter 4:15 KJV

Wow, that’s a pretty rough crowd.

The End. Signed, Stella


©2016 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved

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