Vet Run – Part 4 – Conversations with Stella, Doodlebug, and Miss Sweetie


I am Miss Sweetie, Princess of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Me:  That’s a new idea.


Miss Sweetie:  Is it all right for a princess to be scared? Because those humans with masks scare me.

Me:  I see quite a few humans not wearing masks and that kind of scares me.

Miss Sweetie:  Why do the dogs not wear masks?

Me:  There is not much chance of dogs catching the virus and no evidence that dogs can pass it to humans. If I put a mask on you, would you wear it?

Miss Sweetie:  No! Yuck!

Me:  So not an issue, is it? Well, I can’t get through to the vet office. Let’s go to the door and check in there.

Miss Sweetie:  If you insist.

Me:  Can I check in here? Okay, we’ll come in.

Miss Sweetie:  What’s behind that door? Who are those people? Why is that dog here?

Me:  Looks like she’s here to have her babies. Let’s go back outside. We can wait on a bench. They are keeping the number of people below 10 in here. It will be cooler outside anyway.

Miss Sweetie:  This isn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be. How much longer?

Me:  Until the vet tech comes out with your…stuff…

Miss Sweetie:  Stuff. Like treats? It is cool out here. I like the vet.

Me:  Uh-huh. Okay.

Miss Sweetie:  Look! The mama dog! She looks sleepy. What is in that box?

Me:  Her babies. How many are there? Five. Good.

Miss Sweetie:  What did the human lady say? Five? What does that mean?

Me:  The little Boston Terrier had one…two…three…four…five babies.

Miss Sweetie:  Five babies! Scary!

Me:  Oh, here we go now.

Miss Sweetie:  Who is this masked person?

Me:  Just sit down and stay calm.

Miss Sweetie:  Why should I be…ouch!  She pinched me!  I don’t care if she is smiling behind that mask. Pinching is rude…ouch! She did it again!

Me:  Okay. We can start for home now.

Miss Sweetie:  You mean we came all this way just for her to pinch me twice? We could have stayed home and you could have done that.

Me:  Those pinches were your vaccines. And no, we couldn’t do that at home, not the rabies vaccine anyway.

Miss Sweetie:  You know what I think. Worst vacation ever. One more question about home? Are we there yet?






Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.







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