The Sun is Now Our Friend – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. A long, long time ago, the sun was our enemy. When exactly was that, Lady Human?

Me:        Week before last.

Stella:    Yes, I remember. So long ago. But now I hereby declare that the sun is our friend. It rained again yesterday. I thought you were supposed to do something about that.

Me:        Who? Me?

Stella:    Yes. Humans control everything. So… get to controlling stuff.

Me:        We’ve been over this, Stella. Humans do not control everything.

Stella:    All we want is for the sun to show up more often.

Me:        Except when it is too hot and shines too much.

Stella:    Yes. Now you understand. Just make sure it doesn’t go away like it has been. It should stay put.

Me:        The sun is always there, even when the clouds cover it up for days at a time.

Stella:    Now you’re just making things up.

Me:        No, the sun is still in place. It’s just not visible to us.

Stella:    And what about when it goes to bed at night?

Me:        It’s still where it always is. The earth has just turned so that our side is away from it.

Stella:    You don’t have to make up stories to make me feel better about the sun going on a vacation, Lady Human. Just let us know when it’s going to happen. So how many more vacations will the sun take?







Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved



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