Beware! Toe Catchers! – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. We bulldogs take great pains to clear our footpaths of hazards. The stray stick, poop pile, rock, or plant can trip us up.

Me:        Not really.

Stella:    For that reason, we tamp down our paths and make sure we always run on the same courses throughout our range. One thing that we do not allow on our paths – GRASS! NO GRASS PERMITTED! When humans say, ‘Don’t Walk on the Grass!’, that’s fine with us. There is no grass where we walk.

Me:        That’s the truth.

Stella:    However, …

Me:        Uh-oh.

Stella:    Something has messed up our path by the chicken run.

Me:        Has grass miraculously sprung up?

Stella:    No. That would be a miracle. Something has dug a toe catcher hole in two places in the middle of our path. Not one toe catcher hole, but two. The audacity!



Me:        Okay, those holes are, I believe, locust holes. They are known as chimneys. That is where the locusts have emerged after over a decade in the ground.

Stella:    Those loud, annoying mechanical insects?

Me:        Yes. They’ve been growing down there underground since long before you were born. Commonly known elsewhere as cicadas. Here we call them “locusts” even though they aren’t really locusts.

Stella:    So, you know that you are calling them by the wrong name.

Me:        Yes.

Stella:    And you don’t care.

Me:        No. Not really.

Stella:    Good to know. Whatever you call the toe catchers, they have dug holes in our path and I don’t like having to step around their little traps whenever I go trotting freely along. Who needs to get a toe caught in a stupid insect hole?

Me:        Not me.

Stella:    With your monster-sized human feet, you are not at risk.


Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Beware! Toe Catchers! – Conversations with Stella

    1. I read that it stems from colonial times when people would see great numbers of cicadas and would think they were swarming like locusts. Apparently, cicadas don’t swarm. They just all show up at the same time like a big bug party.

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