Wasted Breath – Conversations with Sweetie

I am Sweetie, but I’m not the King or Queen or anything like that and that makes me so frustrated that I want to yell at everybody and why can’t I…

Me: Hold up there, girl. Settle down. How about a sunbath? It’s actually warmed up today.

Sweetie: …sunbathe like I want to, but noooo, the sky turned cold and stayed that way so no sunbath for Sweetie and…

Me: Listen! You can sunbathe today. It’s pleasant outside and dry. So go ahead…

Sweetie: …nobody cares that it’s been soooo boring during the bad weather…


Sweetie: Huh? Did you say something, Lady Human?

Me: Isn’t it funny? When you are listening only to your own loud mouth go on and on, it is next to impossible to hear anything else.

Sweetie: Oh, don’t call yourself a loud mouth, ma’am. Now, as I was saying, if I could just go sunbathe a little…

Copyright 2022 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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