Why Do I Need to Hear This? – Conversations with Wiggles

I am Wiggles. That is all. What are you doing, Lady Human?

Me:  Cleaning up the yard. The summer plants that die need to be removed. What are you doing?

Wiggles:  Staying out here with you without the others.

Me:  This is the first time you have gotten up on the picnic table in a good long while.

Wiggles:  It is cool now. Hey, what is that noise?

Me:  Oh, just the big trash truck coming through.

Wiggles:  Hey! Everybody! There’s a big truck coming near!

Me:  Uh, I already know that.

Wiggles:  Listen! Everybody! A big truck!

Me:  Why do I need to hear this? I already know about the big truck.

Wiggles:  My big voice will warn everyone.

Me:  Yep. Oh, listen! Now the rest of the pack is up from their afternoon nap because of your big voice. There is nothing wrong and nothing to be done. Just relax.

Wiggles:  I am relaxed. I just notified the whole world about the big loud truck. Yay me!

Copyright 2020 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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