Who Broke the Window? – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Who was that man at the door? He had one of those shiny things on his shirt like the people on the Picture Box.

Me:   He works for the police. He takes fingerprints.

Miss Sweetie:   Is he here to take my fingerprints? How exciting!

Me:   No, he came to take fingerprints from my car.

Stella:    From your rolling box. Oh, Lady Human, did your rolling box do something wrong?

Me:   No. But somebody did something wrong to my rolling box…my car. I didn’t find out until this morning that someone broke a window in my car yesterday and crawled inside, looking for something to steal.

Tiger:   Who did it? Who did it? Let me at him!

Me:        The police are looking for him. He did it to several vehicles around here. Some cameras caught him in the act.

Doodlebug:   So, what happens to us? How will we go on without the rolling box?

Me:   Nothing bad will happen, Doodle. I will tape plastic over the broken window before it rains tonight. And Tall Man will replace it tomorrow or one of his talented friends will.

Wiggles:   There is no window in the rolling box?

Me:        One is missing.

Wiggles:   Can we go rolling in it now? Can I stick my head out?

Me:        Now, Wiggles, you know that we don’t stick our heads out the windows when we ride.

Wiggles:   But just this once…please, please, please…since the window is gone anyway!

Me:   Sorry, baby doll. There is still a lot of broken glass in the seat. Tall Man will clean that up with his shop vac when he gets off work.

Stella:    Did you say shop vac?

Me:   Yes. But outside, not in the house.

Stella:   No. No! NO! NOOO!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Me:   Isn’t using the shop vac better than sitting on a sharp piece of glass?

Stella:    NOOOOOO!!!!!







Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.






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