The Better Catcher – Conversations with Stella and Tiger


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Lady Human is okay about giving us treats and what she calls ‘supplements’ which are delicious healthy treats.

Me:   Just okay?

Stella:   One of them she says is for our joints, whatever those are, and one is for our urinary health, whatever that is. The important thing is that they taste really good.

Me:        All right! Here we go! Catch! And catch!

Stella:    Awww. They both fell in my bowl. So what? Mine!

Me:        Here we go, Tiger!


Tiger:     I’m ready! See my head! See my face! READY!

Me:        There! Good catch! Right in your mouth! You are so fast!

Stella:    Big whoop. She has a bigger mouth than I do.

Me:        I don’t think so. Not really.

Tiger:     Is there another one? Huh, huh, huh! I’m ready for another one! Let’s go!

Me:        Yeah. Here! Catch!

Tiger:   What? Where did it go? It’s not in my mouth. It’s not on the floor. Oh, noooo! It’s lost! Find it quick before somebody else’s big mouth gets it!

Me:        I don’t know where it went. Just look around.

Stella:    I know where it is.

Me:        Where?

Stella:    What do I get for telling you?

Me:        No. No bribery allowed.

Stella:    Hmmmpph.

Me:        Wait a second, Tiger. I see it. Hold still.

Tiger:     Where? Where?

Me:        Hold still.

Tiger:     I can’t hold still when my precious treat is missing.

Me:        It’s on your back.

Tiger:     No, it’s not. I would know that.

Me:        Can you see your back? No? I can. It’s on your back. Hold still. Here. Catch.

Stella:    Best catcher in the pack, my foot!

Tiger:     I can catch with my mouth and my back. What did you ever catch with your foot?






Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.





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