Crazy Heat – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Hot.

Wiggles:   Super-hot.

Tiger:     Very hot.

Doodlebug:        Melting hot. Look at my melting face.


Me:   Your face always looks like that.

Miss Sweetie:    We have run out of words for ‘hot’, Lady Human. Do you have more?

Me:        Sweltering. Burning. Boiling. Cooking. Sweaty. The air is a hot, wet blanket. Moving through it is like running through warm bath water.

Stella:    That’s pretty. I like that. Lady Human?

Me:        Hmmm?

Stella:    The bulldogs are acting crazy.

Me:        What? How?

Stella:    Look at Sweetie and Wiggles.

Me:        Hey! Cut that out! Since when does Wiggles try to ride Sweetie?

Stella:    Since Crazy Heat came.  It has never been this hot since the beginning of the world.

Me:        Well, at least not since the beginning of your world. I figure it has not been this hot since any of you were born.

Stella:    Have you been saving this for my birthday?

Me:        Now why would I do that? And how would I do that?

Stella:    Lady Human?

Me:        Hmmm?

Stella:    Tiger is acting crazy.

Me:        Tiger! Stop biting your water bowl! Chew on your tough stick!

Doodlebug:   Lady Human, may I act crazy?

Me:        No. Everybody take a nap! No more crazy.

Stella:    Okay. Good night. No more crazy. Until tomorrow.








Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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