Toe Stompers – Conversations with Stella

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, wish to make perfectly clear that I had absolutely nothing to do with what happened. I was across the room, minding my own business. It was Snoopey’s doing. Poor Lady Human.

Me:        I think it’s turning blue, right there by my little toes.

Stella:    Which foot?

Me:        Can’t you see it?

Stella:    I don’t see colors all that well. Oh, there! That spot does look different now. I will lick it and make it feel better.

Me:        Thanks, but no thanks. That won’t help a bruise.

Stella:    Bulldog tongues help everything. And Snoopey is rude and careless. I know she has big feet, but she should keep them under control. No toe stomping! It gives bulldogs a bad rep!

Me:        Rep? You know what a rep is?

Stella:    Sure. It’s what people say about you and believe about you. Bulldogs have a great rep for tenacity and tenderness and looking ferocious but being all cool and whatnot. We do not need to be known as toe stompers.

Me:        It wouldn’t have happened if I had been wearing boots.

Stella:    Oh, knowing Snoopey and her big feet, it would have happened. It just wouldn’t have hurt so much. Where are your boots?

Me:        In my closet.

Stella:    I will run and get them.

Me:        Ow! Stella!

Stella:    Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize your feet were in my way. You should be more careful where you put them.



Copyright 2017 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.


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