You Call That Art?

Dog art. Not art about dogs. Art by dogs. I saw a piece today in our backyard.

The canvas was a sheet of white corrugated plastic. The medium? Good old Texas black clay gumbo – not the eating kind, the dirty, muddy kind. The artist?  A bulldog that has chosen to remain anonymous for now.


Of course, I know how it happened.  Yet another thunderstorm from an ominous sky turned bright afternoon to evening shadow and deluged the yard, forming a tiny temporary pond near the house. The bulldog artist, whichever one it was, inspired no doubt by the muck left behind when the rainwater seeped away, placed two firm hind feet in the goo and kicked backward, slinging the mud onto the unsuspecting board.

It was an excellent effort in the style of Jackson Pollock if Jackson Pollock had been a bulldog.

At first, I was a little concerned that the dog art resulted from “who flung poo?” rather than “who kicked mud?” Closer visual and nasal examination answered my question and kept me from grabbing the nearest hose. It would have been a shame to destroy such a fine first effort by a budding bulldog artiste.

What will become of the masterpiece? Someone will probably want to use the corrugated board for a human project and human projects preempt all others. Or it may melt away as early as the next thunderstorm. Or the bulldogs themselves may knock it over and destroy it in a joyful frenzy of bulldoggy performance art.


Which dog “painted” with mud? Probably not Stella even though she is a consistent back kicker. She is not a mud stomper. Wiggles loves mud but for rolling in, not throwing around.  I am guessing it was Tiger just from the size of the paw prints. She has the largest feet and this dog artist used very big brushes.


Copyright 2016 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.


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