Whatever You Do With It, Don’t Leave It in the Yard

Our bulldogs are grabbers. If an item smells good…or bad, is small and nonthreatening, and just happens to be laying out of the reach of a human hand, it’s fair game. Grab it and run. That’s one of their many bulldoggy mottoes.

On more than one occasion, I have forgotten to bring my chicken feed scoop in from the yard after using it to feed the hens. I leave it sitting on a chair or on the chicken house while I am handling another chore and flat forget about it when I go in.

One day, it showed up in a bulldog’s mouth. In Wiggles’ mouth to be precise. She is forever on the lookout for discarded items. Teeth marks punctuated the open rim, but it was still fully functional. I had retrieved it just in time. Then I forgot it again and that time the handle was partially crushed. It was still fully functional and you will not find me throwing out a useful article for the sake of cosmetic blemishes.

The rule around here is, if you want it intact, don’t leave it in the yard. Even on a window sill, even on top of the barbeque grill, not anywhere, not for any length of time. One of the dogs will find it. One of the dogs will carry it off in a big bulldog maw.

A neighbor got on the Nextdoor app last night, asking everyone around our road to keep a lookout for a drone that her brother had been flying in their yard. A strong wind rose up and carried the drone away in our direction. The request came in late and I didn’t see the message until after midnight. I am all for helping out neighbors, but I couldn’t picture myself walking around in the dark in the wee morning hours looking for the red and blue flashing lights on a missing drone.

And then the awful thought came – what if the drone landed in our backyard?

What if the bulldogs find it first?

Poor drone!

But it still had a chance if it fell back there. The dogs do not go out late and would not go out again until after daylight. And a drone might freak them out so that, instead of wanting to eat it, they might just run away from it.

So I am keeping my eyes open today for a stray drone that may be resting in our yard somewhere. Thus far, no bulldog has been seen carrying debris and no dog has come streaking back to the house in terror. It is probably not on our property. I do hope the neighbors find it.

I can’t count on our bulldogs to turn into a search and rescue team though.


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