Dealywhopper – Conversations with the Pack

I am Doodlebug, King of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Me: Oh, I wish y’all could hand me that dealywhopper over there. I can’t quite reach it.

Sweetie: What’s a dealywhopper? Can I eat it?

Me: It’s that…thing there.

MoonCat: Meow. Is it tunafish? I’ll get it if it’s tunafish.

Me: No, it’s that thingamajig on the floor over there.

Doodlebug: What is she talking about?

Sweetie: A dealywhopper. It’s important, but you can’t eat it.

Doodlebug: It must not really be all that important then.

MoonCat: It’s not tunafish so…never mind.

Sweetie: Why doesn’t she just say what it is?

Doodlebug: She did. It’s a dealywhopper.

Sweetie: Must be some new human invention. Have you noticed how humans are always coming up with new stuff and new things to call the stuff? They are so weird.

Doodlebug: Yes, I have noticed that.

Copyright 2023 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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