That’s MY Chair! – Conversations with Stella, Miss Sweetie, and Moon Cat


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Miss Sweetie:  I demand justice.


Stella:  Okay, sure thing. What’s the problem?

Me:  What is the problem? I heard the grumbling all over the house.

Miss Sweetie:  That was not grumbling. I do not grumble.

Me:  Well, it was long and unending and was not barking.

Miss Sweetie:  Lady Human, she is in my chair!

Me:  You mean the cat? Moon?


Miss Sweetie:  Look! Get out of my chair, cat!

Moon Cat:  Meow.

Stella:  Typical.

Me:  That is not your chair, Sweetie. It is a human’s chair. Why can’t Moon use it once in a while? The only time you use it is when you are rampaging.

Miss Sweetie:  My chair! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Me:  Stop. Why can’t you share? Moon even uses my chair every so often.

Miss Sweetie:   And that’s why you have cat hair all over your clothes and why you smell like a cat. Who wants that?

Me:  Moon, be so kind as to move off the chair.

Moon Cat:  Why?

Me:  To keep the peace.

Moon Cat:  Why?

Me:  Because I want to have a peaceful night.

Moon Cat:  With a houseful of bulldogs? Not my business.






Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.



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