Stella’s News Flash – Giant Insect Army

Hello, humans! I am Stella, Queen Illustrious of the Olde English Bulldogges. Please be aware! Two giant insect armies are fighting on a field and nobody is doing anything to break it up. The only thing the humans here are doing is watching it and using it as yet another excuse to eat lots of food that they are not sharing with us bulldogs.

Me:        Wait.What? Giant insect armies? No. It’s football. The Super Bowl.

Stella:    A super bowl of food that we are not getting to enjoy. A super bowl of disappointment.

Me:        It is a game.

Stella:    I don’t think those giant insects think it is a game. They are fighting hard.

Me:        Yes, but it is still a game, and they are not giant insects.

Stella:    They have shiny round heads and their faces are covered and their shoulders are huge.

Me:        Every time someone wears a helmet, you think that they are a giant insect. That’s not true. A helmet is head protection.

Stella:    I would expect a giant insect to say that. Why are the humans not stopping these insect armies from fighting? Why are you watching it and eating food like it is a movie and, most importantly, why are you not sharing your food with us?

Me:        Number one: these are humans, not insects. Number two: It is a game, albeit a tough one.  These are teams, not armies. Number three: Eating fun food during a Super Bowl is a time-honored human tradition. Number four: Our football food would make you bulldogs sick.

Stella:    Doesn’t it make you sick?

Me:        Well…I will decline to comment on that for now. So do you understand? Human teams playing a game while people watch and eat food that is bad for bulldogs.

Stella:    If you say so, Lady Human. Meanwhile, I will prepare the bulldogs for the inevitable giant insect invasion by the winning army. All right. ”Team”.




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