Water the Tree – Conversations with Stella and Doodlebug


20151220_230434.jpgI am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Lady Human, Doodlebug is being weird.

Me:  Human weird or bulldog weird?

Stella:  Human weird, which is the real kind of weird. Bulldogs are unique, not weird.

Me:  All I see is that he is standing on the vacant spot where the old oak used to stand. He does that a lot.

Stella:  Yeah, standing and something else.

Me:  Hey, boy, whatcha doing?

Stella:  He’s doing that weird thing where he lifts his leg…

Me:  Yeah, girl, I know…

Stella:  Like he’s trying to squirt the whole world…

Me:  I know, Stella.


Doodlebug:  The tree left.

Me:  The big wind took it down, remember.

Doodlebug:  It will come back if I keep watering its place.

Me:  No, Doodle, that tree won’t be back. Another tree may start growing there.

Stella:  Wait! Would you want to grow on a spot Doodlebug keeps watering? Give the trees a break, Doodle! They need to be welcomed.

Doodlebug:  And well-watered.








Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.


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