On Our Own Terms – Conversations with Stella and the Pack


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Everyone should know by now. Don’t tell us what to do.

Me:  Sorry, I’m obligated to.

Wiggles:  But why? We know what to do without being told.

Doodlebug:  Yes, just like humans do.

Me:  Well, that’s highly debatable.

Miss Sweetie:  Nobody tells you what to do, Lady Human.

Me:  Not exactly.

Tiger:  You don’t ever listen to us. When we tell you to do something, you pay no never mind.

Me:  That’s right.

Stella:  So, if you work things out on your own terms, so should we live on our own terms. Come on everybody! Shout it! Our own terms! Our own terms! Our own terms!

Me:  Ow! That hurts my ears! Cut it out!

Stella:  It hurts my ears, too.

Me:  Why are you doing it then?

Stella:  It is required.

Me:  I’ll bet it’s really not.

Stella:  I thought I had already explained this adequately, Lady Human. Bulldog.

Me:  That excuse is wearing a little thin.

Stella:  Thank you. I have been losing a little weight.

Me:  Different type of thin.

Stella:  The white-coat lady told me to lose some. She will be happy the next time I see her.



Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.


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