The Best Pillow – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. There are many pillows. I have three myself, but the best one by far is Lady Human.

Me:  Aw, that’s a nice compliment, I guess. Or are you just saying that I am overstuffed.

Stella:  I love propping my big ole bulldog head on you. Soft. Exactly the right height. Plenty of wiggle room. Which reminds me – Wiggles always rests her head on your leg every afternoon, so she agrees with me.

Me:  Well, thank you, sort of.

Stella:  You should put yourself on the Picture Box like those humans who sell pillows.

Me:  I think that would not be a good idea. I mean, I’m not really a pillow.

Stella:  Oh, I see. I would lose my pillow, the best pillow ever. Who else has a pillow that stays warm on cold nights and is as long as the bed; that changes its own position, so nothing ever gets boring; that is all mine all night every night, so I don’t have to share? All this pillow talk has made me sleepy. Come on, Lady Human. Bedtime. I need my pillow.








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