Nasty Is As Nasty Does – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Sometimes I find that embarrassing.

Me:   Why?

Stella:   Lady Human, really? You know why? You live here.

Me:   Well, yeah, I see your point, but what specifically is bringing this on?

Stella:   You saw Doodlebug outside a while ago, didn’t you?

Me:   Yeah. I mean what specifically?

Stella:   His usual bad snacking habit.

Me:   Oh, no!

Stella:   Now he’ll have bad breath all night.

Me:   Oh, Doodle.

Stella:   Nasty is as nasty does which means Doodlebug is nasty.

Me:   He had gotten better.

Stella:  You can’t put temptation in his path.

Me:   No, you all can’t put temptation in his path. And I can’t leave temptation in his path. Between the wind and the rain and the cold today, I just didn’t take temptation away fast enough.

Stella:   Don’t blame yourself, Lady Human. Nasty is as nasty does. And I’ll point out that I never engage in such practices. I am – what was your word? Oh, yes! Fastidious.

Me:   True. I’ll never smell ugly breath on you. So why can’t Doodlebug follow in your footsteps?

Stella:   If we didn’t have those with bad habits, how would we ever truly appreciate those with good habits?

Me:   Well, because their breath wouldn’t smell gross for one thing.

Stella:   Go right ahead. Smell my fastidious breath. Who do you appreciate now?




Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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