The Quiet Times of Synchronized Snoring – Conversation with Moon Cat

Me:        Hey, Moon! Do you hear that?


Moon Cat:   Meow!

Me:        Shhhh! Not too loud. They’re all asleep, all at the same time.

Moon Cat:   Meow!

Me:        And listen to the snoring. Stella, then Miss Sweetie, then Doodlebug, then Wiggles double time, then Tiger.

Moon Cat:   Meow!

Me:        Perfect rhythmic breathing.

Moon Cat:   Meow!

Me:        Too bad we don’t understand each other.

Moon Cat:   But we do.

Me:        What?

Moon Cat:   Shhhh! These are the first peaceful moments I’ve had all day.

Me:        You understand me?

Moon Cat:   Of course. I am a cat in a house full of bulldogs. How do you think I have survived so well for so long?

Me:        So, when I say, ‘Run!’…

Moon Cat:   I run. I am not an idiot.

Me:        But you’ve never said anything before.

Moon Cat:   Yes, I have, and if you think about it, you understood me. Like when Snoopey left.

Me:        Oh, Moon. Snoopey died.

Moon Cat:   That’s just another way of saying that she left. I did not understand at first.

Me:        You kept climbing up on my chair, talking to me.

Moon Cat:   And you understood me.

Me:        You wanted to know where your best friend had gone and why she wasn’t here with you anymore.

Moon Cat:   And you explained it me as best you could. You thought I didn’t understand. But I did. I was not happy about it. I miss talking to Snoopey, but I don’t worry about her anymore. I miss her, but as you told me, where she is now, she will never be lonely, she will never be scared, she will never hurt, and she will never get old and weak. You see, I do understand.

Me:        And do you understand the other bulldogs?

Moon Cat:   Them? Mmmmm, naw. Not so much.






Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.



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