Summer, I Miss You! – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Summer is gone. I hated it while it was here, and it was here for so long. But now that it is gone, Summer, I miss you. Yes, you were too hot. Yes, you kept us inside where it was cooler. But now that you are not around, it is too cold. Why, Summer, why did you have to go away?

Me:        Seasons change, girl. Summer has its season. And then comes another season called Autumn.

Stella:    Not fair! That season did not show up this year.

Me:        True, and I missed Autumn. I enjoy sweater weather and all my sweaters were lonely in my closet all through the fall.

Stella:    Well, they won’t be lonely tonight!

Me:        No, they’ve been getting a real workout since yesterday.

Stella:    Why does summer go away?

Me:        Our Great Creator set it up that way. Earth circles the sun and rotates on its own axis.

Stella:    More human nonsense words.

Me:        It means that there is a season of warmth and growth.

Stella:    Spring?

Me:        Yes. And there is a season of more warmth and the maturing of crops.

Stella:    Or as we say in what the humans call ‘Texas’, hot, hot, hot, dry, dry, dry!

Me:        Yeah, most years. And then there is Autumn and the harvest, when the heat abates.

Stella:    We skipped that.

Me:        And now Winter approaches.

Stella:    What? This is not Winter?

Me:        No, it’s still officially Autumn. We have another month or so to official Winter.

Stella:    But you said that water left outside will freeze into ice tonight.

Me:        Yeah, it is supposed to get below freezing.

Stella:    Wait! What kind of a game is Autumn playing? All I wanted was a comfortable temperature for my bathroom time, which reminds me. When will the indoor bulldog bathroom be finished?

Me:        It has not been started yet. There is not going to be an indoor bulldog bathroom.

Stella:    Typical.








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