Sisters – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, and by the authority invested in me by me, I hereby declare myself to be AN ONLY PUPPY!

Me:        Can that be done?

Stella:    Of course. I just did it.

Snoopey:  I’ve had about enough of this whole queen thing. And you can’t just say you are not something that you are. You are my sister.


Stella:    No, I’m not.

Snoopey:  Whether you like it or not.

Stella:    I don’t.

Snoopey:  You are just mean.

Me:        Girls! Girls!

Snoopey:  Mean meanie! Mean queen! Mean! Mean! Mean!

Me:        Snoopey, enough!

Snoopey:  Sorry, Lady Human.

Me:        I am an only child and I don’t understand this conflict between sisters.

Snoopey:  Sisters are rude.

Stella:    Sisters are stupid.

Snoopey:  Sisters stink!

Stella:    I know. I’m smelling you right now!

Me:        Enough!

Stella:    Lady Human, you are an only puppy.

Me:        Child.

Stella:    Same thing.

Me:        No, it’s not.

Stella:    Sisters are complicated things.

Me:        Can’t you work together? At least, not fight?

Stella:    What’s the good of having a sister if we can’t fight?

Me:        I’m sorry. I guess I missed the whole point of sisterhood.

Stella:    You are an only puppy, Lady Human. Stick to what you know.




Copyright 2017 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.





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