The Sky Made Ice Cream! – Conversations with Stella

Hello! I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, on a most Illustrious Day. It is Sky Ice Cream Day! Ice cream for everyone. All you have to do is lick it up off the ground or off the bushes or off anything outside. It tastes a little plain, but that’s all right.

Me:        Yes, it snowed today. It has not snowed here since the day before you came to us, Stella.

Stella:    Isn’t it great? Will we have Sky Ice Cream every day?

Me:        No.

Stella:    Are you sure?

Me:        Pretty sure.

Stella:    How do you know things before they happen, Lady Human?

Me:        Weather satellites way up there, for one. And many winters spent here in this part of the world. Snow is rare.

Stella:    Is that why you bring ice cream home from the store?

Me:        Well, no. The one doesn’t really have to do with the other.

Stella:    So, the sky is where the store gets its ice cream?

Me:        No, they aren’t connected.

Stella:    So, will the sky ever give us peppermint ice cream? Because I really like peppermint.

Me:        Don’t hold your breath.

Stella:    Oh, I never hold my breath. Bulldog, remember? Breathing is very important. Without breathing, you can’t eat ice cream.



Copyright 2017 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.



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